WEBサイトのリニューアルとこれからについて / Website has been renewed

この度、1人で運営していたSTUDIO SALLYの3人体制化に伴い、WEBサイトをリニューアルしました。





パワーアップしたSTUDIO SALLYを今後ともよろしくお願いいたします。


STUDIO SALLY website has been renewed. At this time, our one-person studio has now become a three-person studio. We have welcomed two new staff members, Manami and Melisa.
In addition to the graphic design work done previously, we have expanded our services to also include illustration, manga, photography and Japanese to English translation work.

Our graphic design work has expanded to working not only within Japan but globally as well. We are hoping to grow our client list within and outside of Japan in the future.
Studio Sally utilizes the mobility of unique and creative ideas done by our small and cooperative staff members standing by our motto “Strong but powerful”.
We stand by our customer needs first by listening to their suggestion and requirements. Then, we create designs that are on-point and interesting enough to increase the appeal of target audience, building customer satisfaction.
We look forward to working with you.
Ryo Utsunomiya


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