Mexico, beautiful and beloved. /素敵なメキシコ

Hello everyone! This is Melisa at Studio Sally. In this first blog post, I wanted to introduce my roots via my photography. I am of Mexican descent; however, I was raised in the American NW since I was six years old. If anyone has lived in more than one country in their life, they may understand this feeling; the feeling that you belong to two places at once. And if you have never experienced this before, let me share with you the rich culture that both Mexico and the Pacific Northwest have to offer and why these places are the places which I call home.

みなさん、こんにちは! スタジオサリーのメリッサです。

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First to start off, let me introduce my motherland, Mexico. Mexico is rich with bright colors, unique culture, delicious spicy food, warm, friendly people and happy singing Mariachis. As soon as you land in Mexico, you know you are in Mexico. The vibes are filled with street food, buildings covered in orange, yellow, pink, blue and happy people singing and dancing while they enjoy life alongside friends and family. Mexico was populated more than 13,000 years ago by a variety of indigenous civilizations across the country, each with its unique culture and language. Each tribe mostly remained within their own territory. However, it wasn’t until the Spanish conquest in 1591 that drastically changed Mexico into the country it is today. The Spanish brought along with them their religion, culture, language, architecture and art. Since then, you can still see this mixture of European influence along with the remnants of the indigenous people’s culture and language. This rich mix in cultures is what truly makes Mexico so amazing and unique.

はじめに私の母国メキシコです。 メキシコは明るい色、独特の文化、おいしいスパイシーな食べ物、温かくフレンドリーな人々と幸せな歌マリアッチでとても豊かです。 メキシコに着くとすぐに、あなたはメキシコにいることを感じるでしょう。 その雰囲気はストリートフードやオレンジ、黄色、ピンク、青で覆われた建物、友人や家族と一緒に思い出深い時を作りだし人生を楽しむための歌と踊りで満たされています。メキシコは13,000年以上前、全米各地の先住民族の文明によって人口が広がっていて、それぞれ独自の文化と言語を持っていました。 各部族は、ほとんどが自分の領土内にとどまっていた。 しかし、1591年にスペインに征服されてからは、メキシコは今のような国に大きく変化しました。 スペイン人は、自分たちの宗教、文化、言語、建築と芸術を一緒に持ち込みました。 それ以来、残された先住民族の文化・言語と、ヨーロッパの影響が混在しているのが未だに見てとれます。 こうして文化をたくさん混ぜ合わせたことは、メキシコを本当に驚きと独自性のある国にしています。

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However, not everything is a bed of roses. Unfortunately, around 42% of Mexico’s population lives below the national poverty line. This means that there are drastic changes in lifestyle between the big cities and the small towns or “pueblos” as they are called in Spanish. Big cities are comparable to Tokyo or Osaka, with tall buildings and big businesses which can be seen for miles. Meanwhile, in “pueblos” you can find mothers begging for money needed to feed their children, kids walking in the streets with ripped clothing and no shoes and families of 6 people all living in a single mud house. However, even as I visit more and more “pueblos” during my trips back home, I was not able to understand how these people were still able to smile and enjoy their life. But in Mexican culture, the most important thing in life is the bond of family. As long as your family is always there, you feel you can overcome any misfortune life may bring. These experiences always leave me appreciating the support of my family making the material things in my possession seem trivial in comparison. Moreover, many of these impoverished people sell beautifully made handicrafts to help them make a living. Each region of Mexico has its own unique style of handicrafts and this makes visiting a new part of Mexico an art and design inspirational journey.


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I hope you enjoyed learning some new things about Mexico’s rich culture through my photos and this blog post. If you ever have the time for a trip outside of Japan, don’t let Mexico be out of your list of places to visit! For my next blog, please look forward to learning about my second home, the Pacific Northwest, located in the city of Portland, Oregon state. See you next time!



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