PORTLAND on my mind. / 私の心にポートランド。

Hello everyone, this is Melisa from Studio Sally. In this blog, I will introduce the place that I call my second home, Portland, Oregon. As was mentioned in my previous blog, I was born in Mexico but raised in Portland since the age of 6. When I graduated high school and began university was when I truly began to appreciate all this beautiful city had to truly offer. Portland has such a chill and unique atmosphere that makes you never want to leave. It offers both the feeling of a medium-sized city life and a touch of natural beauty integrated.

みなさんこんにちは!STUDIO SALLYのメリッサです。今回のブログでは私の第二の故郷とも言えるオレゴン州のポートランドを紹介します。前回のブログで書いたように私はメキシコで生まれ、6歳からポートランドで育ちました。高校を卒業し大学に通い始めた頃、私はポートランドの魅力に気付き始めました。この街にはあなたを退屈させない独特な雰囲気があります。

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The city of Portland has many nicknames such as “Rose City”, “Stumptown”, “PDX”, “Rip City” and “Bridgetown”. All with a particular reason as to why Portland has so many designated names. Portland is divided into the West and East side via the Willamette River. Along this river, there are a total of 12 bridges which help connect both pedestrians and vehicles alike to each side of town (therefore getting the name “Bridgetown”).

ポートランドには都市の生活感と自然の美しさが共存していて、「Rose City」、「Stumptown」、「PDX」、「Rip City」、「Bridgetown」など多くのニックネームがあります。なぜ多くの指定名があるのかというと、例えばポートランドはウィラメット川を経由して西側と東側に分かれていて、この川沿いには歩行者と車両の両方を街の両側につなぐ12の橋があります。したがって「Bridgetown」という名前が付けられているなど、街の特色がそれぞれに表現されています。

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You can enjoy a little bit of everything in Portland; the night life at the Pearl or Chinatown, a relaxing morning walk around the Portland Japanese Garden or the Rose Garden at the top peaks of Washington Park, sit down with a nice book and a good cup of coffee at Powell’s Bookstore or enjoy a food trip down the many food carts located around every corner of town. I am a huge lover of tea so some of my favorite spots to grab delicious tea is Tea Chai Te and Tea Bar. But my favorite definitely has to be Tea Chai Te. Tea Chai Te has a huge variety of house blended tea fusions of traditional tea flavors with a touch of fruit flavors such as Coconut Oolong and Strawberry Sencha, giving their teas a one-of-a-kind taste. All of their shops have a relaxing atmosphere that is great for just sitting down to read a book or doing some office work on your computer. You will also find an abundance of coffee shops and delicious restaurants that if I were to mention them all, this blog would turn into an essay!

パールやチャイナタウンでのナイトライフ、ワシントンパークの日本庭園やローズガーデン周辺でのリラックスした朝の散策、Powell’s Bookstoreで本に触れながら飲む美味しいコーヒーや食事、または食べ歩きなど、ポートランドの全てを少しずつ楽しむことができます。私はお茶が大好きなので、よく訪れるスポットはTea Chai Teやtea barです。(私のお気に入りはTea Chai Teです。)Tea Chai Teには伝統的な紅茶風味の家庭ブレンド茶や、ココナッツウーロンやイチゴの煎茶などのフルーツ風味の紅茶と一味違った味があり、店内は読書したり、パソコン作業をしたりするのに最適なくつろいだ雰囲気があります。他にも豊富なコーヒーショップやおいしいレストランがありますが、それらをすべて言及するとこのブログに書ききれないほどになります!

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Portland’s culture is represented by its motto, “Keep Portland Weird”. Portland’s style and fashion is uniquely labeled “hipster” fashion which pertains to men showing off tattoos, displaying long beards and wearing casual jeans and t-shirts with a favorite accessory such as a beany or hat. Woman are also very proud to show off their ink and piercings accessorized with chic glasses and casual wear. Everywhere you go, you will see this distinct “Portland hipster fashion”. Moreover, Portland is famous to being home of some unique events such as the Naked Bike Ride and Portland Fashion Week where people can either choose to show off their naked beauty or bring out the latest Portland-born trends to the runway. Anywhere you travel, you won’t get bored of all of the interesting people and trendy fashion tastes they will display.

ポートランドの文化は「Keep Portland Weird」というモットーで表されています。ポートランドのスタイルとファッションは、タトゥーを披露し、長いひげをのばし、カジュアルなジーンズやTシャツを着て、ビーニーや帽子のようなアクセサリーを付けたユニークな”ヒップスター”ファッションです。
女性はまた、シックな眼鏡やカジュアルウェアでタトゥーやピアスを見せることを非常に誇りに思っています。どこへ行くにしても、この「ポートランド・ヒップスター・ファッション」を見ることができます。さらに、Naked Bike Rideやポートランドファッションウィークなどのユニークなイベントが開催されていることで有名です。

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Not only does Portland have delicious food and a unique fashion culture, Portland is the gateway to travel to the beautiful natural outskirts of Oregon state. From Portland you can have easy access to exquisite natural scenic locations such as Sauvie Island, Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah Falls and Mt. Hood. Commuting from Portland to many other recommended must-see spots are just a 30 min to a couple hours’ drive away. Even if you feel you have explored most of Portland, you can hop on a rental car and explore what other things the state of Oregon has to offer.

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I lived in Portland, Oregon for most of my life and although most of my family now resides in Mexico, I still truly feel an emotional attachment to this city. I was able to meet so many friends and make such great connections that make me never want to forget the special memories I was able to create there. After now living for 2 years in Japan, there are definitely many things about Portland that I miss and hope that I can go back to visit someday soon. I will always be an OREGONIAN by heart! If you are ever in the Northwestern part of the US, don’t forget to pay a visit to the beautiful “Bridgetown”.



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