2018 Fiesta Mexicana in Odaiba, Tokyo

Fiesta Mexicana: A piece of Mexico, in the heart of Japan

Hello everyone! This is Melisa from Studio Sally. Today, I want to introduce the event “Fiesta Mexicana” which takes place every year in Odaiba, Tokyo. Odaiba is a well-known for its shopping centers, life-size Gundam and its various concerts and events held. This weekend we attended the first day of “Fiesta Mexicana”, held from September 22nd to the 24th. This free event is coordinated by various groups of volunteers, local companies and the Mexican Embassy in Japan. Its main purpose is to spread Mexico’s culture, food and tradition in Japan. This was our first time attending “Fiesta Mexicana” in Odaiba. The event took place right next to Odaiba Station on the Yurikamome line. The event included two stages: the main stage which was used for musical performances and the “Lucha Libre” stage used for lucha libre and piñata game as well.

Participated in a photo contest and gained recognition!

One of the main reasons why STUDIO SALLY members were eager to attend this event was to see my photos up on display at this event. Earlier in August, we found that “Fiesta Mexicana Photo Contest” was looking for photographers to submit their work. I thought this was a great opportunity for me and submitted some of my photos from Mexico. I received the results earlier this month and gained recognition for my work! It was a satisfying feeling to see my photos up on display for others to see!


STUDIO SALLY’s Impressions

There was a great variety of food booths, vendors and workshops for kids. They all introduced some of Mexico’s most important traditions and culture. It was nice to see that a piece of Mexico could come alive right here in Japan. It was also amazing to see how many people turned up to come enjoy this event. Most of the people who came to “Fiesta Mexicana” were Japanese people who had a connection with Mexico in some way; some had Mexican lovers or partners, other people had studied or lived in Mexico for some time and others were just curious to explore what this event had to offer. The rest of the event’s attendees were Mexican people living in Japan, like myself, who came to live a little piece of their home country for one day. We enjoyed one whole day at this event starting with eating some good Mexican tacos. At the workshops we did face painting and piñata making and bought some typical “papel picado” to decorate our studio with! Our night ended with some great authentic Mariachi music!

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If you ever have time to attend this event next year in Odaiba, please do and enjoy a little piece of Mexico in Japan.

Viva Mexico! See you next time!


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